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Guest Post: Kiel Mutschelknaus

This in-progress painting of a robot by Kiel Mutschelknaus was grabbed from the local blog, Graphic Content. Seeing the great colors and textures in a work like this can serve to remind that digital painting, while an amazing medium, has quite a way to go yet in emulating the way real paint can be laid down on a real surface. Nice work!
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Archives: Hobo Dough!

Today, we dig into the Archive Vault to bring you images of a project done in collaboration with Fresh Produce in early 2006. This project aimed to focus freshmen energy on SDSU‘s campus cash, or “hobo dough”. The project included a parent mailer, postcards handed out on campus, random dough sculptures, and a giant Hobo Kong painting.

It’s worth noting that this campaign involved an on-campus publicity stunt (orchestrated by the modestly clever Fresh Produce) in which a blazing blue hobo sculpture was placed outdoors on campus over St. Patty’s Day weekend. The subsequent (and secretly anticipated) overnight kidnapping of the sculpture led to some newspaper and radio action… welcome coverage of hobo dough!


Ideas Helmet Game

Fresh Produce, a local South Dakota company, came to me asking for a game for their Ideas Helmet campaign. I was happy to deliver! Built with custom graphics and a cheesy 1980s soundtrack, this game was built in Flash and aims to emulate the side-scrolling adventure games of the Nintendo era, complete with a demented squirrel “boss” at the end. Click the image below to play.