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Depression-era Photo Effects

I’ve been playing around with Photoshop lately, trying to turn recent photos into distressed Dust Bowl-era look-alikes through a series of levels manipulations, screens, and blurs. Many of the old vintage photos and postcards from the early 1900’s and late 1800’s have this eerie quality that is difficult to reproduce.
© Copyright Brian Hauge. All rights reserved.

Creative Commons: Free Mouse Image

So you like free stuff, eh?  Well check out this groovy mouse photo. I’m posting it as a free image under the Creative Commons license.
That’s right. It’s free.  All I ask is that you check out the Creative Commons movement if you haven’t already heard about it, and perhaps consider posting a photo, poem, or song of your own you feel other folks might like to use in their creative endeavors! If you do something fun with this and want to send me a link, I’d be happy to post it! 🙂
Click here to download a ZIP file containing the full-resolution image (3888×2526 ; JPG) as well as additional details on the CC licensing.