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Illustration Friday: “Routine”

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“Unrequited” Pilot Comic

Tonight I’m posting a pilot episode of an illustrated story concept tentatively titled “Unrequited”. This comic follows the reflections of a daydreaming robot who enjoys the ticklish imbalance of being unloved by the one he loves.

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Creative Commons: Free Mouse Image

So you like free stuff, eh?  Well check out this groovy mouse photo. I’m posting it as a free image under the Creative Commons license.
That’s right. It’s free.  All I ask is that you check out the Creative Commons movement if you haven’t already heard about it, and perhaps consider posting a photo, poem, or song of your own you feel other folks might like to use in their creative endeavors! If you do something fun with this and want to send me a link, I’d be happy to post it! 🙂
Click here to download a ZIP file containing the full-resolution image (3888×2526 ; JPG) as well as additional details on the CC licensing.

Archives: Hobo Dough!

Today, we dig into the Archive Vault to bring you images of a project done in collaboration with Fresh Produce in early 2006. This project aimed to focus freshmen energy on SDSU‘s campus cash, or “hobo dough”. The project included a parent mailer, postcards handed out on campus, random dough sculptures, and a giant Hobo Kong painting.

It’s worth noting that this campaign involved an on-campus publicity stunt (orchestrated by the modestly clever Fresh Produce) in which a blazing blue hobo sculpture was placed outdoors on campus over St. Patty’s Day weekend. The subsequent (and secretly anticipated) overnight kidnapping of the sculpture led to some newspaper and radio action… welcome coverage of hobo dough!


Colbert: “Canton is real Assburg”!

Stephen Colbert, of the Colbert Report, has a nasty habit lately of putting his foot in his mouth. He referred to Canton, Georgia as “the crappy Canton” and later apologized, stating a mixup in which he intended to degrade Canton, Kansas instead! After an uproar from Kansas, Stephen again apologized last night, saying that “the real Assburg” is Canton, South Dakota! I wonder which Canton is next? 🙂

To defend the county seat of my home town, I put together a quick website summarizing the series of apologies. The site also includes a little game you can play to make Stephen apologize to the residents of Canton, SD (by throwing explosive pheasants at him).
UPDATE! On 8/7/08, the local news channel KELO did a story on this whole Canton vs. Colbert thing, and showed a clip of the CANTON/COLBERT game!